“Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.”

Ken Liu



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Are you a war refugee? Are you trying to come to Catalunya? Here is what Filolàlia can do for you.


We are a small translation agency based in Mataró, a city 30 km away from Barcelona. We offer language courses too. 


If you happen to be now in Mataró or willing to come soon, we offer you a 2-hour service package FOR FREE which can include:

  • Helping you with phone calls or emails either in Spanish or Catalan
  • Helping you find a school for your children if they need one
  • Helping you find medical attention and follow-up
  • Helping you find Spanish or Catalan courses available
  • Helping you move around the city on your first days here
  • Giving you tips on how to settle in and adapt to your new town in the shortest possible time
  • The offer stands for three months: March-April-May 2022. 


    We are here for you. Do not hesitate. Call us!


    How to reach us:

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    A Filolàlia som un equip de professionals que ens esforcem dia a dia per fer la feina amb ganes, rigor,