The team

Language Consulting Services


We are a team of professionals coming from the world of translation, languages and language teaching. Our experience spans more than twenty years and our work is defined by professionalism, engagement and rigour.

Montse Babí, Founder

Tom, Collaborator

Eric, Marketing

Founder and director of Filolàlia. She is a translator and interpreter. She holds a postgraduate in Learning Strategies and various certificates in English, French and Catalan teaching, as well as an online teaching certificate. She is also an editor and a legal translator into Catalan.

He holds a degree in English and Creative Writing from Huddersfield University and is the director and founder of Open Door English, a language school based in Mataró. He specialised in Cambridge Examinations and teaches English to teenagers, adults and business professionals.

Expert in digital marketing, he designed both this website and the blog. He worked in language schools before and continues to study languages.

Eloi, Lucy, Albert, Mercè, Céline, Paula and Ciarán also collaborate with Filolàlia occasionally. All of them work in the languages field.